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    Borrowing For Your Own Needs

    Almost every person who has ever lived has come up short on some payment or another at some point in their life. Sometimes it just feels like life has too many expenses and not enough income to go around. Knowing this, you should probably know how to obtain a personal loan in the event that […] More

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    3 Tax Lessons Learned From The Pandemic

    There are so many tax lessons to be learned due to the viral pandemic that it’s rather hard to narrow the list down to the top three. However, we’ll give our best attempt in this article. Before getting to the list though let’s send out a huge thank you to all the tax professionals that […] More

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    How to Choose the Right Tax Preparer

    You can’t hide. Every year, if you work and earn a living, you must prepare and file a tax return for the IRS. Also, depending on your state of residency, you prepare and file a state tax return. Just imagine… If HR Block or Liberty Tax did not exist, who would you turn to for […] More

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    10 Tips to Keep You In the Green With the IRS

    One of the hardest parts about paying taxes is navigating the often complex and intricate tax law behind the deductions, rules, and consequences. The easiest way to avoid trouble with the IRS is by paying what is due the first time around, but for many mistakes happen and circumstances come up.While getting back in the […] More

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    5 Things To Know Before You Review A Budget

    Regardless of whether you opt to become a leader, or prefer to remain an involved, concerned, and committed member of an organization, your ability and effectiveness will be positively enhanced, and your actual degree of personal responsibility is often directly related to your willingness, ability, and understanding of the essentials of organizational budgeting. While nearly […] More

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    8 Tips To Help Your Budget

    Some people stick to their budgets no matter what. Others use them as a guideline, and still, others have no interest in tracking money at all. If you’re in the last group, maybe skip this piece. Or at least read with an open mind.Each time something major happens in life, you should recalibrate your budget. […] More

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